Saturday, October 3, 2009

GAME 2: Bruins vs. Hurricanes: Revenge?

Let's get 2 point out of this one, boys. If you don't know what this game means, you just started following the Bruins. Welcome! The Carolina Hurricanes knocked the Bruins out of the playoffs last year in overtime of game 7 of the Conference Semifinals. Here's the picture everybody's going to lead with, may as well get it out of the way:Here's what to really remember about May 14th, 2009:Byron Bitz started the scoring from Krejci and Ryder, having taken Blake Wheeler's spot in the playoffs. Local promising new rookie gets the "we want bitz" treatment and now he's just put the bruins ahead in game 7 at home. This was a good day, truly.

Then Rod the Bod put one in, followed by former Bruins Sergei Samsonov. There's a feeling of dread that comes into play here. That "oh shit, please let the bruins score. Pretty please.

Milan Lucic tied it up in the third, as the refs put away their whistles. There's hope. Third period ends, and I just get this awful feeling. You know this could easily not end well. You've seen the Bruins lose in OT before. Usually off some fluke shit goal. Your fears are answered:

Overtime. Game 7. Scott Walker.Fin.

Game is at 7pm on NESN. Tonight, they will be honoring the Memory of Fred Cusick, who passed away recently at the age of 90. He's going to get a silver microphone hung next to Johnny Most's, and the NESN Broadcasting booth will be re-named the Fred Cusick broadcasting booth. If you don't know why, look up some highlights on youtube. Or check out his book.


Hurricanes also dropped their first game, to the Flyers, 2-0. They had like 800 powerplays. If Ray Emery can shut them out, hmm.

Here's to some real live Saturday night hockey.