Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dan Paille trade is for veteran Catwalker, middling forward

Well, my previous method of finding out about new Bruins acquisitions by typing their name into youtube has worked again. Here's the thing: The first video is of him laying out a hab, and the third - THAT'S 1-2-3 THIRD - is of him at a "Charity Catwalk." I think this whole Improper Bostonian thing is rubbing off.

For your review, and because I'm not clever enough to sub in the fashion show scene from Slapshot:


At least the fourth video is Paille laying out another Hab. If he can do that more often, he'll have a lot of friends in Boston. If he's too busy doing fashion shows where the announcer says it's his "best shot all year" then we might have a problem. We only gave up a 3rd and conditional 4th and his contract expires at the end of the year. Looking good, Chiarelli. Re-sign a couple guys now.

Kobasew shirts will be wicked cheap though, and Wild fans out there want a shirt to go along with the new Savior of the Franchise?


He knocks Chara over, but is worse for wear post-hit.
I think I need more centered text.
Preds up tonight. More on that later.


kidkawartha said...

Did he by chance ever come into contact with Luke Schenn?

Unknown said...

Yeah, Ryan Miller is part owner of a clothing store in E Lancing called The Refinery, and organizes this fashion fundraiser in Buffalo for his Steadfast foundation benefiting cancer survivors and their families (his cousin died of cancer).

And here is a blog post about Paille from a sabres blogger that might be interesting....