Monday, February 23, 2009

L10: Game 51-60 (4-4-2)

By far the worst one of these yet. The Bruins are in a slump, and 6 out of 10 games are losses. They got 10 points out of a possible 20 in the last ten, and in the NHL .500 is not a playoff pace. Of course for now they're just eating into the lead they built earlier in the season, but all those games are behind them. Luckily, the next 6 games are at home, so home cooking and hometown fans should provide a boost. It seems like something happened in that Sharks game that sorta turned the bruins off.
  • Game 51: Bruins win in Montreal, 3-1.  Shawn Thornton has a great game, scores a game-winning goal.  The Bruins hit hard enough to put a couple Montreal skaters out. Streak: W2
  • Game 52: Bruins win in Philadelphia, 3-1.  Every Bruins goal seemed to start with a slapshot from the blueline. Streak: W3
  • Game 53: Bruins win the shootout in Ottawa, 3-3.  P.J. is the only successful shooter in the skills competition and manages to get us a win against super nintendo. Streak: W4
  • Game 54: Bruins lose 4-3 in OT to the flyers.  The game-winner bounces in off of ferences leg.  Between the break and this, ference should get some new age something or other done (I assume he's into that, since he's a hippy and all that).  Streak: L1
  • Game 55: Bruins lose to sharks, 5-2.  This was a great game, and the score lies.  The sharks were up 3-2, then Big Dumbo Joe had a buck bounce off him and in, followed by an empty netter. Streak: L2
  • Game 56: Bruins Lose 1-0 to New Jersey, who are playing really well right now.  The one goal was a five-hole shot from the point off a faceoff.  Both goalies played out of their minds. Streak: L3
  • Game 57: Bruins lose in the shootout, 2-2 to the panthers. Streak: L4
  • Game 58: Bruins win a damn game, 5-1 against Carolina on Glen Wesley night.  Part of the  "revenge against moving the team south" campaign. Streak: W1.  Maybe things are looking up!
  • Game 59: Bruins lose 0-2 to the Florida Panthers.  Woof. Streak: L1.  Maybe they can split in florida?
  • Game 60: Bruins lose 3-4 to the Tampa Bay Lightning.  They looked better, but not good enough. Streak: L2.  The Sky, she falls.
Whoof.  Longest losing streak of the year, worst L10 record all year, etc.  Like I said, it's bad.  So here's CSA Astronaut (and MIT grad) Bob Thirsk in space on mission STS-78 in 1996, recreating, well, you know:
Oh yes.  There's a 4 on the back of that sweater.
Record: 40-12-8
Home: 19-4-4
Away: 21-8-4