Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thirsty Thursday Lazy Links

Some team news today but now much.   It's been too long since tuesday.  However, that game did have the highest overnight of any regular season game on Versus, ever, at 550,000 viewers.  Add in the 18,000 in the stands and that's a whole lotta eyes on the Bruins coughing up another game in the third period.  But kudos to San Jose for proving that west coast teams CAN, in fact, draw viewers.

Your thursday afternoon lazy links:
  • Puck Daddy on how Montreal is doing in their Habtennial.  He's right: "It's time to admit that the Habs' place in the postseason isn't a divine certainty any longer; and to admit that missing the playoffs in the nostalgic orgy of a 100th anniversary celebration would be quite amusing"
  • The other day, Big Daddy Wheels chatted up some fans.
  • You've already seen Alexander Ovechkin's 200 goals in 200 seconds, but it deserves reposting.  But maybe some muting, the audio track is a song and no calls.
  • Congrats from way back to my Alma Mater, Conn College, for the men playing well at home and especially to the rising women's hockey star Erin Davey, both of whom have been written up on the website.  Go Camels!
  • Chris over at Hub Hockey talks about rumors about trading.
  • Shaquille O'Neal admits to, should read for yourself.
  • Oh, and the Bruins have a deep team.
  • I've been pre-empted by the pros.  Shucks.  Do we all just feed off of the same bubbling mass of blogs, all feeding off each other, a cannibalistic mess not unlike the classic snake eating itself?  Does any of this really have any meaning?  What is life?  Where am I?  This is not my beautiful house.  This is not my beautiful car.  And the days go by...