Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Well, that's certainly a relief. Claude Julien's 200th career coaching win was tied into the Bruins 40th season win. When milestones like this come up, sometimes that last one can be elusive. Can't say I'm against the 2 points, and it was accomplished in such style.

That, and they swept the season series with the Whalercanes on Glen Wesley night.

The ceremony should've been in Hartford, except that then Sean Avery would've been there (playing for the wolfpack) and that just doesn't feel right. Glen did, however, mention Hartford for all of 2 sentences, so that was something.  Ray Bourque, who would usually make the trip for this, couldn't be there.  I hope everything's ok, Mr. Bourque.  My thoughts go out to you and yours.

After the endless ceremony, the game started around 7:40 PM, only 40 minutes later than the normal time.

But the delay didn't slow the Bruins down. They knew that there was a losing streak at hand. They knew that there is a race for the playoffs on. They knew that they didn't want to lose a 5th game in a row, especially to Carolina. They knew that they don't like losing on number retirement nights.

So they come out flying. They're attacking, going after the puck, just looking great.

Of course, after about 10 minutes of that, Carolina brings it back into the Bruins zone again and pass it through a mosh pit and put it in.
0-1. You're putting the champagne back in the fridge and reaching for the whiskey. Let's hope it's not another one of THOSE nights.

But it's not.

First of all, Patrice got his second concussion playing against Carolina earlier this year when he went in for a check, and led with his chin.  He's since re-learned how to hit.  Here's almost exactly the same play as the injury one, only better:

I still believe this is a catalyst for the rest of the game.  But I wouldn't want to ruin the suprise.

1 minute later, Eric Staal proves he's worth his contract and goes off for 2 minutes for a slashing penalty.  The Bruins go on the Powerplay.  You're thinking, "so?  They haven't scored on the powerplay in a long time."  Well, this time, they've got Lucic and Wheeler on the same line.  Lucic gets a half-breakaway.  He gets poke-checked and then falls over the PKer.  Wheeler comes in at 90 mph, forechecks the puck like a pro, and gets it to Krejci.  Krejci back to Wheeler.  Wheeler up to the point.  Ference slaps it in from the point, but it's deflected.  Luckily, Wheeler is ringing the doorbell like it's prom night.  He puts it in.

1-1.  Power Play Goal.  To the Bruins.  Huge.  "When you work harder, luck finds you more" is the saying, I believe.

Chara and LaRose tie each other up and get sent off for 2 for roughing, and the period ends.

The second period...not THAT much happens.  Well, except for this one thing.  The number we're looking for here is 3.  And 12.  That's the goal total and points total for Sheriff Shane Shnidy this year, after this game.  12 points ties a career high.  Right off the faceoff, he goes for the tip-in or rebound opportunity, and it pays off.

2-1.  That's the end of the even-strength scoring, but you're just happy the Bruins are up.

A couple of penalties get taken, the Canes and Bruins bring the puck up and down the ice, and away they go.

Right around the beginning of the third, Willie Mitchell is up in Calgary, using a 10-foot-long stick in warmups after the Calgary Coach had said he used too long of a stick.

During the third, the Refs get a little loopy.  Maybe they need another donut.  Maybe they think it's just another day at the office.  Maybe they're all teary-eyed from the Glen Wesley celebration.  Whatever.  After about 10 minutes of more back-and-forth, they realize there's a game on and make a call.  Mark Stuart for cross-checking.  This could break the Bruins, right here.  But wait!  4 seconds into the penalty, Tuomo Ruutu is on the ice.  They call a makeup call on him, and we're off to 4-on-4.  A minute into THAT, and Kobasew gets a hooking call.  4-on-3.  The Bruins manage to keep the puck out during that, then they go to 4-on-4, then immediately 5-on-4.  The Bruins are backchecking, and realize that the Canes aren't playing super PP Defense.  
So after trying to get it out to Bergeron and it gets back in, they bounce it out to Krejci, who goes up and backhands it top shelf over Cam Ward.

3-1.  That's a short-handed goal for David Krejci.  Jack Edwards has taken to calling him "matrix" for some reason.  Oh, Jack.  You were in top form last night.

30 seconds later, the bruins get to try out their powerplay again when "not the one in toronto" Kaberle gets a hooking call.  The Bruins set up shop.  Chara stares down the goalie, lights the cannon and fires.  The goalie would've gotten it, but Chuck Kobasew does so like to score on his first game back from injuries.

4-1.  Let's see, that's...carry the one...divide by remainder...2 powerplay goals (and a shorthander).

Then Sobotka, with less than 2 minutes left, goes of for another hooking call.  Get some creativity, refs.  Carolina pulls the goalie.  6-on-4 has worked before, not the most unorthodox move.  Unfortunately for them, we have forwards on our PK.  Yelle the Grizzled veteran gets it away from the Canes with a stick-lift, and Patrice sees it.  This is why Patrice had those silly "The Lord of the Rink: The Return of Patrice Bergeron" posters made about him.  Anyways, he gets his skates going and Yelle gets it to him.  Patrice has nobody behind him and, on Glen Wesley night, scores the empty-netter.

5-1.  If the Bruins weren't doing so well right now, that last line would've hurt more.  But they are.  Much respect to Glen Wesley.  Now go back to the hurricanes bench/front office/whatever.



  • That's 2 PPG, 2 SHG, and the game winner was even-strength.  
  • If there were a No Canes No campaign, Shane Hnidy would be getting some fan mail.
  • The Bruins have the day off today, either going deep-sea fishing or golfing.
  • After the game, there was a show on Tim Thomas.  An inspiring story, to be sure.

Some other crap that has nothing to do with last night's AWESOME GAME:
vs CAR: 4-0-0 (all in regulation, season sweep!)
Record: 40-10-8 (W 1)
Away: 21-6-4 (W 1)
L10: 5-2-3
February: 4-1-2