Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Early recap due to having to write a preview tomorrow. Stupid back-to-backs. What's wrong with a Tuesday game, anyhow?

For once, we know the goalies way ahead of the game. They both seem well prepared.

In the first period, right off the bat, Byron Bitz gets called for Goalie interference. The Flyers don't want to break their perfect record of team-in-the-nhl-with-most-penalties, so they go and get Knuble to get a tripping penalty. Neither powerplay capitalizes on anything.

Tim Thomas doesn't mind a lot of pepper in his flyers soup, as long as he can save it for later. The bruins are out-shot 14-7 in the first.

But after that first, where the Bruins survive what looks like a flyers onslaught on paper, the on-paper game turns around.

The second period starts.
3 minutes in, Krejci-Wheeler-Ryder are coming into the zone, hearing what everyone's been saying about how they "cooled off" and are "in a slump." Krejci-Ryder-Wheeler (The Kryller Line?) don't truck with that. They march right in, only to get stoned by Biron like Phelps at a frat party. Luckily, the Bruins play better offense than you ever dreamed of accomplishing in NHL 09, and forecheck, pick up the puck, move it around. Wideman lights the cannon, Ryder deflects it in. GOAL.

1-0. You're on the train on the way home, but damn that looked good on the highlight reel.

Jgeoffray Lupul chants "I came back, I came back, I came back" as he nudges Kessel, goes down low, and centers to Hartnell, who puts it in.
1-1. Textbook play. Thomas can't even get it on the patented "Tornado" move. Hasek on steroids, indeed.

Matt Carle gets a Tripping call at 7:28 of the second. Joffrey and Darroll follow suit, probably for stupid names.

Blake wheeler takes the second bruins penalty, and last for the net. A second goalie interference penalty. The period ends without any more scoring. Insert sex joke of your choice.

5 minutes into the 3rd, the Kryllers take a faceoff in the brotherly love zone. Krejci cleanly gets it back to the sheriff. Hnidy blasts it in. Krejci is there with a nice little angled stick, and Biron's got nothing.

2-1. You just got home and asked your roommate to flip over to the game before Lost. Great ide-

Oh look, there's the puck behind Biron again. The Bruins got it into the offensive zone, moved around a bunch, and Wideman tees up from the blueline. BOOM>GOAL.

3-1. You got to see two goals on the bigger screen rather than the tiny window that gives you. WOOOO

The rest of the game is a lot of back and forth, mostly forth. The Bruins outshoot the Flyers a bunch.

Then, 3:45 left. Ryder and friends move around. Ryder's chance in the slot bounces out to Chara, who loads up the stinger missile and fires.

Biron crumples. Wow.

Chara, when asked after the game, said, "I crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and hear the lamentation of their women."

Biron is pulled with a minute to go after almost leaving for the bench too early. Chara tries to be the hero, shoots it from way downtown, but there's a reason his event was the hardest shot and not the accuracy. It gets closer than half of the intermission fan-shooting from the hashmarks. Still, it's icing.

The Bruins fend off the Flyers for the last 19.7 seconds.



Huge. Hey, way to get back on a winning streak there, guys.

vs. PHI: 1-0-0
Record: 38-8-6 (W 3)
Away: 19-5-3 (W 3)
L10: 7-1-2
Feb: 2-0-0