Monday, February 16, 2009

Lazy Links, I PLAYED HOCKEY!, etc

This is where it happened.

As I mentioned on Saturday, I played hockey for the FIRST TIME EVER on Saturday. That photo up there at the top is where I played, on a pond up in Freeport Maine. I was by far the youngest and least-skilled guy there, but with some practice and learning then I'll probably be able to pick it up. What I can tell you is that the VERY unskilled play I did was FUN AS HELL. Seriously, I had a blast. The old folks graciously let me get an easy goal just for kicks, but I did end up working for another one. I fell on my knee, but currently it's my back more than anything that's hurting. I barely even got a bruise. Here's some of the guys I played with:
"Who's that coming down the walk? That guy wants to play? Fine, whatever."

That dog was running around the ice during the game for part of it, too. It was pretty silly.

And here are my dad, uncle, and me, posing like an old-timey line from back in the day, doncha know:
Don't pick us for your fantasy team.

Thanks again to the fine folks in Maine for letting me play with them. I had a great time, and I might just be heading back next weekend. Assuming my back isn't still sore.

And now, your Monday Morning lazy links and random thoughts:
  • Justin Bourne for the Hockey News: "I was never married to hockey. If hockey were a girl, I'm fairly certain I could go to court and get a restraining order. Hey, I just liked it. Maybe I led it on a bit with the late night games and the odd early morning rendezvous, but it knew what we were. This all just happened so fast."
  • Pens fired their head coach.
  • Boston, San Jose, and New Jersey basically had a little round-robin tournament this past week or so. Boston lost both games and New Jersey won both games. The commute was shorter from your house to the Garden than the rock, Shanahan.
  • The two-headed beast that is the Bruins beat writers is interesting. Fluto Shinzawa writes more positive stories, pointing out hopeful and optimistic things like Patrice Bergeron is still recovering, and he's getting better. Kevin Paul Dupont calls for the Bruins trading for Lecavelier.
  • The Hurricanes shut out the Sabres. I hope they get overconfident.
  • If anyone has the full version of this, please let me know. I'd love to see the whole thing:

And on a totally unrelated-to-hockey note, a friend of mine and I created a website over the weekend called It's kinda silly, but that's what happens when your friend calls you and you're still a little sore and winded from playing hockey.