Wednesday, October 29, 2008

L10: A Look Back at the first ten games

In between the recap and the next preview (phew) I wanted to take a look at what people have been doing so far this year before games no longer count into the Last 10 Record and what they are on pace for:

Ok, for laughs the "on pace" is really what they should be doing for a full 82 games based on what they've done so far.  So, Kobasew is on pace for a killer season, assist-wise. Silly Cornelius, stats do not work like that. So what else can we learn from the table?
  • Kessel is like my NHL09 offline be a pro - He gets all his points from goals.
  • Only players that have been in all 10 games have had penalties scored on them.
  • Ference and Ryder have the best +/- right now, Chara is a measly -3.
  • Kessel's 37 shots tie him for 7th in the league and 6 goals tie him at 6th.
  • Savard's 34 shots tie him for 20th and 5 goals tie him for 16th. Savard also has 8 assists, good for a tie for 12th. Together, he is tied for 3rd in scoring with Mikko Koivu and Sidney Crosby with 13. Only Alexander Semin and Evgeni Malkin have scored more.
  • Tim Thomas has tied Martin Brodeur for shutouts on the season, though Brodeur is chasing history and Thomas just wants to keep the puck out of the net. Tim Thomas is also second behind only Ryan Miller with a 1.77 GAA and barely beats out (by .001) Tampa Bay's Mike Smith for highest save percentage with .943
  • Blake Wheeler has the most Games Played of any player debuting this year.
  • I am obsessed.
Notable Events from the last ten games:
  • Lucic puts Van Ryn through the glass:
  • Lucic! Lucic! Lucic!

  • In the immortal words of Jack Edwards, SAVE! AFTER! SAVE! BY! THOMAS!

  • Shootouts are terrifying now. I was honestly more happy that the game ended in an OT win when Wideman scored than anything else.
  • Some other stuff probably happened, check in the archives for what I missed here.
L10: 5-2-3
Overall: 5-2-3
Difference: (Same)