Friday, October 31, 2008

Game 11 Recap: Bruins 2 Flames 3

Thomas' shutout streak lasted 145:47.
Scott Boras is the devil.
3-2 loss. sucks.

Lucic to Wheeler Goal

The announcer might be able to sound more bored...if he was dead. He was probably high or something. I appreciate Jack SAVE BY THOMAS Edwards so much more. Way to go, TSN.

Bergeron makes Kipper look like a WHL backup.

There would be video here, but doesn't have itself together. Lame. It was a pretty goal. It's also not on youtube. Basically, Patrice stole Mikka's lunch money behind the net and then popped it into the gaping 24 square foot maw left by Kiprusoft.

As predicted, plenty of juicy rebounds. No follow-through.

Happy Halloween!