Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Game 10 Recap: Bruins 1, Canucks 0 SHUTOUT THOMAS

Let's see, 1-0...who scored the goal?

Oh yes, that would be Michael Ryder. 2-5-7 in 10 games puts him on pace for...16-41-57 on the season.

And who is this tossing suckas into the boards like so many pieces of trash?

Right, that Lucic kid. I have a feeling he'll do alright for us. In case you haven't seen the baby picture yet,
Truth be told, I didn't watch this game due to a sudden case of Fallout-3-itis, as predicted. That's why I make the big bucks...

The 800-pound-gorilla question: Does Julien stay with Thomas in Calgary?

Do you pull the pitcher throwing the no-hitter?
That'll be room 412 in the Calgary Marriott, 110 9th Avenue, SE, Calgary, AB T2G 5A6, Canada. What's with these Canadian zip codes?

Here's the full highlight selection for you:

Record: 5-2-3
Road Record: 4-1-2 (woo!)

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Tom said...

I think you have to stick with a guy that's working on a 130-minute shutout streak. Not that Manny doesn't deserve a chance to answer the bell, but Timmy's just out of his mind right now. Eventually he'll cool off and Julien can go back to the rotation. But this could set a good precedent for "play your ass off and you'll get more minutes".