Saturday, October 18, 2008

Game 4: Bruins @ Senators

First of all, Vote for the Bruins! Icethetics is having another tournament, but the first link will take you directly to the only poll you need. That said, we've got a GameDay Post/thread to take care of.

Oct 18, 2008, 7:00 PM ET

On the Radio: WBZ 1030 (listen)

@ Ottawa Senators (2-1-1)

The last of four away games that have so far left the Bruins 1-1-1
to start the season.

  • Chara used to play for Ottawa. That's where he ragdolled McCabe:
  • Savard has gotten 2 goals each in the last 2 games. Time to step up, other folks.

  • Stephane Yelle has yet to take a shot on goal this season. Hockey Reference doesn't have time on ice, but I remember seeing him out there. I guess as he's getting older, he's taking fewer shots per game. I'm sponsoring that page. Nice.
  • The Bruins are 11-11 in goals through three games, Ottawa is 14-11 through 4.
  • The Bruins and the Senators were the two teams to compete in the first NHL-only Stanley Cup Finals, in 1927.
  • Daniel Alfredsson had arthoscopic surgery on his knee last week, but still played in last night's game.
  • Martin "Darth Goalie" Gerber will be in net tonight. I was (and still am) hoping that we face Auld tonight.
  • Lines: Fernandez in for Boston, Senators keep the same lines as last night. If Fluto didn't do his job, this would be a lot harder.

  • Bish says Ryder and Savard are a dynamic duo, accounting for half the Bruins points so far. Best quote is from Ryder: "It took a while for me to get used to trying to get open for him, and I wasn't expecting the pass, and all of a sudden he wouldn't look, and I would be there." Like this:

  • Go Red Sox!

  • Ottawa had a super-strong start last year, and then completely fell apart. We beat them to clinch a playoff berth back on April 4th, the 81st game of the year and the last game in Ottawa:

Other Game Previews:
Some Stats, after Ottawa just beat Phoenix 6-3:

Shaq wants it.


Anonymous said...

"The Jumbotron pisses his pants (though out of fear or boredom I can't decide)"

I piss my pants out of fear of being bored. It wakes me up and causes me to get up and start cleaning myself. What did YOU do yesterday?

Seriously though, who has knee surgery and then plays professional hockey a week later? Must be the meatballs.

Unknown said...

Not only did he play a week later, he's been scoring.