Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Game 6: Bruins @ Buffalo

Oct 21, 2008, 7:00 PM ET
On TV: 2/6 on VS (HD) 
On the Radio: WBZ 1030
vs. Buffalo Sabres (4-0-1)

  • This is a short one because the home opener was last night and I need to fit sleep and work in there somewhere.
  • Buffalo is off to a great start.
  • "Bull" and "Bear" are two words to descibe the stock market.  "Sabre" is not, though there are jobs getting cut as a result of the bear market.
  • Versus has been hyping this matchup for days.
  • Thomas Vanek has 2 short-handed goals already, his first two of his career.
  • Patrick Kaleta (32 PIM), Craig Rivet (29 PIM), and Adam Mair (21 PIM) all have over 20 PIM and together combine for more than the whole Bruins team (68 PIM), and we've even played the Canadiens once already this season.  I like that the Bruins are playing a clean physical game early in the season.
  • I went to a buffalo game here, sat near a pretty nice group of people from Buffalo...and their asshole friend who got them all kicked out.
Other Previews
  • Stanley Cup of Chowder.
  • BruinsBlog has refs, lines are probably the same as last night.  Kobasew and Axelsson are still out.
  • WickedBruinsFan is liveblogging the game.
  • NHL Fanhouse is doing a Live Blog.  I might be on, but I don't yet have watch-tv-and-be-on-internet technology.  This was in the top part before, but now Jaci gets top billing.
  • bruins.nhl.com.
  • boston.com.
  • Others to come I'm sure, check the bar to your left under "Bruins Blogs"
Stats going into tonight's game

Last night was a well-played game with a disappointing ending. Tonight we're on VS against the 4-0-1 Sabres.