Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Game 3: Bruins @ Montreal

Oct 15, 2008, 7:45 PM ET
On the Radio: 103.3 WODS-FM

  • This is Montreal's home opener for their centennial season. I would like nothing less than to ruin it for them. If you don't want to watch it, the game starts at 7:45.
  • We beat them 8-3 in the preseason, but who cares about the preseason?
  • Andrew Alberts and his $1.25 million contract were traded to Philadelphia. Vladimir Sobotka and Matt Hunwick were called back up from Providence.
  • Other Previews: The Bear Cave,, bruins blog, Aaron Ward, Ghosts of the Garden, Stanley Cup of Chowder, CBC, Game Notes PDF, WickedBruinsFan, Here Come the Bruins, and the Jumbo-tron has a handy quick reference for shit-talking in french.
  • The Bruins have only won against teams that have not won yet, and lost to undefeated teams so far this season. (Colorado is 0-3, Minnesota is 2-0) Don't you just love early-season statistics? Except that the Rangers are 5-0.
  • You remember these guys, right? We played them many times, especially last season, where the Bruins and the Habs faced off a grand total of 15 times between the regular season and playoffs. We went to 7 with them. If you care enough about hockey to be reading this, you already know that it was a fantastic series....for a loss. Here's the opening video for Game 6: (content begins around 00:00:38 or so)
  • In the video above, pretend that Glen Murray, Glen Metropolit, Andrew Alberts aren't in it.
  • The last time the Bruins have won in Montreal during the season was December of 2006.
  • Georges Laraque, of "Hey, wanna go? Ok. Good luck." fame, will be in the lineup tonight for Montreal. He was recovering from injury and hadn't played yet. Bonus: He's replacing Steve Begin. I would much rather face a team with a polite heavyweight than the guy that took Savard out at the end of last season with a dirty cross-check to the back.
  • There is a Presidential debate starting at 9pm, for those that like to watch that kind of thing. Today is the voter registration deadline in Massachusetts.
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