Sunday, June 21, 2009

NHL Draft Preview (ok more like offseason preview)

So if any of you are wondering what my thoughts are on the NHL, I did an interview recently. Here's a paragraph:

"If the Bruins trade Kessel, he will light it up for some other team. He got 36 goals this year and was out with Mono (haha, oh kessel...) to boot. The only guy who got within 10 goals of him was Ryder. I worry that they're going to make a move like trading Kessel or Bergeron, but both are excellent. Depending on how contract negotiations go with Kessel, I could see him moved."

And you can get to the full thing here: On The Bruins Offseason.

I now watch from the stands.


Eric J. Burton said...

I dont' understand the logic that some want Kessel to be traded.
If the Bruins want to trade someone trade Sturm or Bergy.

jamestobrien said...

I can see trading Kessel simply if he's unaffordable. They do have to think about re-upping Savard very soon, so it might be one of those "this salary cap isn't big enough for the two of them" type situations.

Thanks for the contribution, Cornelius. Good stuff as usual.

Pezell said...

If they can't afford Kessel, I say trade him. I believe that he won't put up the types of number he did this year without the presence of a Savard, a passing-first/play-maker type of center.

If I had my choice, Sturm would be gone. He's injury prone and has been for a few seasons (I think he was out of the playoffs two years ago, right? It all kind of meshes together somethings haha)

I would do everything I could to keep Kessel, but the Bs have about $5 mil or so to spend this year and Kessel maybe want about that much.