Monday, June 15, 2009

Being Bitter in the Offseason: Scott Walker

Well, I just bought the sponsorship for Scott Walker's hockey-reference page.

It's 255 characters. It can't have profanity, but there is a lot of leeway otherwise.

I need something good for this, but need help from you, our dear reader(s).

Go hog wild, leave it in the comments. Because "Fuck Scott Walker" won't pass the censors.

Yes, every post has to end with


Ashley said...

Hm... perhaps something like:
"Scott Walker is an excellent forward who proved himself to be a clutch player by scoring his first ever playoff goal in overtime of Game 7 to defeat the heavily favored Boston Bruins."

Or is that not the angle you're going for?

Cat said...

Scott wankoff Walker best known for his expression of his male inadequacies through the imitation of a dim-witted gorilla.

Oh wait, maybe it wasn't an imitation...

TravBot said...

"Scott Walker: Proud sponsor of sucker punches, cheap shots, and worthless goals"

TravBot said...

Well, maybe not worthless, needs a better word. Crappy? Soft? I don't know

Unknown said...

Haha, Ashley, no...not quite the angle I'm looking for.