Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Brudeur is a Fraud On the Vezina

One blog I really like is Brodeur is a Fraud. They do a lot with goalie stats.

Recently they weighed in on The Vezina from a statistical standpoint. It will be given out Thursday. Some think that Steve Mason should get it, because he played more games than Thomas. Here's what BiaF had to say about that:

"If Tim Thomas played in 11 extra games and faced his usual shot rate, he could have allowed 5 goals against and lost every single one of them, and he still would have a better winning percentage and save percentage than Steve Mason."


It's a great article, instead of copying and pasting everything here, I'll just point you at it: Brodeur is a Fraud.

Good luck to all the bruins in contention for awards on Thursday night (I think it will be shown on either Versus or NHLNetwork), and all the ones playing in the celebrity poker tourney Thursday morning.

Oh and this saturday the NHL Network will be showing a marathon of all of the Stanley Cup Final games, starting at 8am. Game 7 will be shown at 8pm. Conversely, you can watch them now on hulu. Game 7 was the most-watched NHL game in the US in 36 years.