Monday, June 8, 2009

Lazy Links: It's almost game 6 edition

I feel much better after that last post, and sorry to all who had to witness it. Sports fandom isn't always the prettiest thing, but it's a ton of fun and what's why we're here. Anyhow, here's some lazy links to wet your mouth before game 6:

  • Puck Prospectus: Is David Krejci the next Adam Oates, Mark Taylor, or Jason Allison?
  • Stanley Cup of Chowder: Reminds us its Milan Lucic's 21st birthday.
  • Here Comes the Bruins: It's a couple days old, but the Star Wars/Stanley Cup comparison still rings true. (and is super-nerdy.)
  • Matt Kalman points out that the Bruins have a grand total of 4 (5 if Alberts signs with the Flyers) draft picks this year. Might be time to cancel that trip.
Game six is tuesday night, party at your house! Go Pens. Check out thepensblog and Puck Huffers for that stuff.

Can't sign off without a little