Thursday, March 18, 2010

Today's STH press conference recap

So I sat in on the Chiarelli conference call today with season ticket holders, and live-tweeted it. I'm collecting what I said there here, because it's easier to find later I figured not everyone who reads this follows me on twitter. I'm at HBAdventure, by the way. Here it is:

Chiarelli uses "identity" to mean "winning," p.s.

Chiarelli: Teemu Selanne was asked about, but wasn't available. Stempniak, etc, would have been "marginal" impact.

Chiarelli: Mcquaid, Caron, maybe Hamill, Colburne, TOR draft pick could all be full-time Bruins next year, but need vets to push them to be competitive.

Chiarelli: draft position will define offseason moves. if hall/seguin come to Boston, will be looked to to be high-scoring rookies. If not, free agency or trade.
The free agent market sucks this year, so let's not overpay.
Chiarelli: "I promise you that [last year's identity] will be back" "I challenged them to get it back this year" breaking: might make moves

Chiarelli: defensemen haven't been scoring nearly as much, knows bruins need to score, will "do something from a personnel perspective"

Chiarelli: kobasew is a high-character kid, but injury-prone. Bruins needed help on pk. "Chara growing everyday" Good question wickedbruinsfan

Chiarelli: players weren't ready mentally to live up to expectations at home. Bruins have 2 sports psychologists. Have done home-game hotel stays a couple times.

Chiarelli: We've been patient with tuukka, be careful with young goalies. Goalies are better developed at slower pace, peak at 25-26. Tim isn't the player he was last year, but he's very competitive.

Chiarelli: NHL told Bruins "just play the game" 2010 isn't 1970, "can't advocate frontier justice" NHL "dropped the ball" hopes for a win

Chiarelli: "I hope this year's a blip," expected year to go better. Can only move forward. Hopes STHs give bruins a 2nd chance.

Yup RT @Dwatson783: PC- "not making excuses for the team's performance." he's disgusted with it as well

Chiarelli: Seidenberg improved since summer, Morris misread before signing. Wideman pressed this year, isn't last year's player, due to reasons he can and can't discuss. High expectations from fans. Does things on the powerplay other's can't.
I'm not sure what the reasons he can't discuss are, but I hope Wideman gets out of his funk.
Chiarelli: "coming jnto this call, I prepared all defensive responses." proud of tuukka, Patrice, team "trying to hold it together"

Chiarelli: seen a static neutral zone, regrouping, no confidence, "forecheck hasn't been totally successful" Have to adapt.

Chiarelli: there's a lot of things that happened this summer. Complacency.

Chiarelli: "I love his size. I love his try....I like Mark Stuart". Hopes he inherits leadership. Thanks fans, and we're done here.

And there's the re-posting of my twitter updates during this. I hope you enjoyed it.