Monday, March 15, 2010

Game 68 Preview: Bruins at Devils CHEESEBURGER DUEL

(unrelated, but it is American Hero Mark Stuart beating the tar out of noted man of ill repute Dan Carcillo. Click for high-res)

Where am I? Is this...home? Is this? Hockey? What?

I do believe we are back in action after what can only be termed "malaise" (per court order) set in about this little blog here. But it's time to get back on the horse. We've got some playoffs to make, though my reaction to making the playoffs will be more one of pleasant surprise than a triumphant affirmation of what I believed all along. Whatever. It's bloggy-blog time, and we've got an appointment with the man downstairs.

Luckily, Satan is on our side (and skating in practice!)

Looks like Cheeseburger Duel in nets with Thomas and Marty.

The devils are ridiculous good again this year, but our special teams is better in everything except short-handed goals for. Our last 10 is better than their last 10. Is that...hope...I hear? Nah, probably not. Whatever.

What color are your rain boots?