Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Game 68 Revi-screw it. Game 69 (heh) Preview: Bruins vs. Carolina

Game 68 review:
Marty had more points than goals allowed in the 0th, Bruins battled back in the 1st and 2nd, but after two they couldn't win. Wait, that first period counted? Damn. 2-3 Bad Guys in regulation, not helping the playoff hopes much.

On to our next game. Carolina again. I do believe they're in the usual Carolina-goes-on-a-tear-and-might-squeek-into-the-playoffs mode right now, but that's mostly a hunch. It's also maybe too late, but the East is just downright terrible this year so who knows.

No morning skate for the Bruins before their 7th road game in a row. After this, they can go home. Here's hoping they don't return without a shield.

Hoo boy, 5 o'clock already?

Memento Mori.