Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Game 24
8pm ET, November 25, 2009
NESN, 98.5 FM / KSTC, 830 AM (Wild Radio Network)
at Minnesota Wild (15th, 8-12-2)

So this morning I'm on my way into work and I've got a bruins hoodie over a Wild sweater. Awesome. Once again, my two favorite teams are playing each other again. Brilliant.

The Wild lead the league in short-handed goals against while the Bruins are tied for 5th in short-handed goals, thanks to Marco Sturm's ridiculous goal against the Blues. No really, I don't think that's talked about enough. Granted, Mason basically tosses it out to Bergeron who just puts it on his stick, but then Marco does this little move and Mason just doesn't even know what the fuck. Go ahead, watch it again. Here's the link. I'll wait.

Actually, no I won't. It's time to talk staches. Owen Nolan, oldest player in the league now that Chelios is ou- Wait a minute. The oldest player is actually Owen Nolan, the only guy over 40 playing right now. Owen Nolan is comparitively a spry 37. Last year he led the Wild in goals with 25. 25 goals led the Wild last year. Where am I going with this? Here's him, celebrating one of those goals:Stache city. The Bruins will have to go into the Xcel Energy Center ready to deal with Old Man "Irish God of War" Nolan and the Mustache he brings. BUT WAIT - THERE IS A CONTENDER.
Fucking motherfucking Patrice motherfucking Bergeron in the house, y'all. Don't even sweat. Kid can dish, he can hit, he can score, he probably did your mom last night, but he's a gentleman - he'll call her again.

Speaking of dishing, here's a gent who you may recognize (or maybe not - he does play in the west and not on the red wings): Mikko Koivu. The Wild's top center, he's the brother of former habs captain (now Anaheim second-line center and buddy with Teemu Selanne) Saku Koivu and now is the Wild's first permanent captain.

Like it was even a question.

Other notables on the Wild: Cal Clutterbuck set an NHL record for recorded hits in an NHL season last year, having an awesome name.

Brent Burns is a really good defenseman, but is out indefinitely with a concussion. Brent Burns also turned his house into a menagerie. It's awesome.

One of my favorite hockey writers, Mike Russo, is the Wild beat writer for the Star Tribune.

Oh and their goalie is a Finn, too. Oh yes. Niklas Backstrom, baby. Calm under pressure.
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He won the Jennings trophy with Manny Fernandez 3 years ago. Manny won it with Thomas last year. Now Manny's back is fucked and he's not playing anywhere. But we have this kid Tuukka Rask who's pretty alright. Where is he from? OH YEAH FINLAND FUCK YEAH!!!!!

Basically I'm really pumped for this game. Catch y'all in the game threads on Stanley Cup of Chowder and Hockey Wilderness, and I might check to see if my old login a the Wild official boards still works.....nah.

Oh, and Chris over at Hub Hockey is relentless in tracking things down. This time, he's got the Pride Motor Group commercial with Shawn Motherfucking Thornton:

Anyhow, party at my house tonight. Here's some stats and I'm out.
(Orange=good. Green=applies here)

(For the record, I do want the Bruins to win this game. I just want it to be in overtime, is all.)


Greg said...

lots of 'motherfucking' if your blog today, both in the literal and textual sense. I love it.

Eric J. Burton said...

Well, I don't think I can lose tonight Wild shirt bruin's hoddy. Hum...

Unknown said...

Worked out just how I wanted it. Yesssssss.