Thursday, November 12, 2009

Game 16 and 17 Recaps THIS BLOG IS UNDER REVIEW

I didn't see game 16 because I had a friend's band's show, but that's never stopped me from recapping before.

The Bruins took heart from actually scoring in the previous game (a week ago as I type this) and went, well....

p.s. I have an irrational hate for Jason Pominville. I don't know why, but I don't know why I should stop. Pominville, Population: Douchebag.

Then the Penguins (well, half of them anyhow) came to play on Tuesday, but the Bruins came to play even more. Hunwick scored even if the ref didn't believe it, and then that funny bounce was ridiculous. Here's a chatlog with friend of the blog Greg Nation about the game since I don't have time to write my usual stuff:

11:19 AM Greg: i was very impressed by whittman's and bitz's performance
last night
11:20 AM and of course, Tim Thomas wins the Tim Thomas award for last night
incredible goaltending
me: whitfield
Greg: hell fleury had some ridiculous saves too, but not enough
whitfield, yes, sorry
me: yeah, I hear that
11:21 AM most scary penguin when on the ice? Probably Staal
11:22 AM Greg: yeah we shut down crosby
11:24 AM me: Chara owned
we blocked so many damn shots
10-2 shots after the first
11:25 AM Greg: yeah our D did block a lot of shots
11:26 AM Morris had a huge game defensively, Wideman had that sick one-on-one where he deftly used his stick to break up the attack
11:27 AM me: Wideman also tripped over the blue-line right before that
he has breakdowns but when he's good he's pretty damn good
11:29 AM Greg: yeah, i thought we played pretty well
it was such a fast paced game, very fun to watch
me: you bet
Greg: and that crazy bounce that sent the puck off the post when thomas was out of net
then the diving thomas save to knock it out
me: that was INSANE
11:30 AM Greg: he has such a strong stick arm, people take shots with two hands on the stick and he just whaps their stick and puck out of the way with his one hand
like the recent habs game with 'big whiffer'
he just stopped the shot and shoved the puck back out with his stick hand
11:31 AM me: Thomas owns