Thursday, November 19, 2009

Game 21 Preview: Bruins at Thrashers LUCIC LUCIC LUCIC LUCIC LUCIC

Game 21
November 19, 2001 7:00 PM ET
NESN, 98.5 FM
at Atlanta Thrashers (10-6-1)

So the big news for this game is that Savard and Lucic are both off of the LTIR list and Lucic flew down to join the team. Lucic is expected to play tonight, Savard should start Monday. Good news! Maybe we'll actually get over .500 right now. Or maybe we'll have two lottery picks for the draft (in which case DRAFT PARTY).

Pavelec in net, Thomas was off first but Tuukka was right behind. We'll see if we get a euro-goalie duel or if Thomas v. Kovalchuk rules the day. Either way, look out for Kovy and Peverly and whoever else is on the te-AFINOGENOV? WHAT?

Well that's a surprise. If this were 10 years ago, this whole preview would be afinogenov v. recchi (I think...who knows?) but it's not, and well who knows. blah blah blah powerplay still sucks blah blah blah.

Pre-game, the second season of the Instigators is on at 6pm. You better believe I'll be checking in until I want to play modern warfare 2 instead.

Also, it wouldn't be an Atlanta game preview without one of these pictures:
Looks like Lil' Jon has won more Playoff games than the Thrashers. (BURN)
Would you look at all that orange going the wrong way? Woof.