Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Well, the finals start Saturday at 8pm. Pens vs. Wings, rematch of last year. Crosby touched the cup. I like it.

We here at Hockey Blog Adventure would just like to offer this little ditty:


Because seriously,
who wants another red wings cup? Let someone else get it for a change. Granted the pens have won twice more recently than the Real Black And Gold, but what can you do now?

On a side note, Fuck Scott Walker and I hope he cried when his little bitch team got swept. Not that I'm bitter or anything.

Back to the finals talk: There are two pens fan blogs that I read on a near-daily basis (i.e. they are in my google reader). They are thepensblog and Puck Huffers. One is written by a bunch of dudes, the other by a bunch of chicks.* They're both hilarious and definitely worth a read. Puck Huffers claim to fame is creating the Staal Drinking Game. thepensblog, well...what haven't they done?

*"chicks" may not be the preferred nomenclature, please email me or something and I'll switch it to broads or gals or whichever you'd like.

Other stuff:
  • R.I.P. Pete Zezel. He was 44. I didn't know him, as a player or otherwise, but 44? Damn. Seems to have been pretty universally loved and possibly the man who played too well so they need to put those L brackets onto the faceoff dots.
  • blah blah Crosby touched the trophy and Zetterberg didn't.
  • Lidstrom is hurt, this could be the difference. Oh yeah, Datsyuk too.
  • Malkin and Crosby have been pretty dominant so far.
  • Everyone on the Bruins got hurt, had surgery, but you know that.
  • For your daily dose of Cornelius saying random crap about hockey and other stuff, follow me on twitter: @HBAdventure. Fun stuff.
  • The Bruins will be playing...
Development camp starts in July, Training camp in September, preseason late september, season early october, first home game should be late october due to Circus.
Keep your chin up, go pens, and of course...

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Eric J. Burton said...

I agree it's time for someone other than the Redwings to win the Stanley Cup. Also, when Walker got chopped/checked from behind into the boards against the Pens and laid there on the ice like he had been shot I didn't feel sorry for him and I thought it was fitting and evenually someone would get him back for his sucker punch on ward. Vicious hit it was sucks to be walker. I just hope we get some exciting stanley cup action this June.