Thursday, May 7, 2009

Round 2 Game 3 Recap: BRUINS 2 CANES 3 DON'T PANIC

Well, shit. That's not at all how I expected that to go, though by the end of the second I had a bad feeling about it.

First Period.
The Bruins came out hot and by about 5 minutes in were really working the offensive zone. Stephane Yelle had a shot bounce off the bar and out. Just ridiculous. About a minute after that, with the Bruins still buzzing, Lucic sends it back up the half boards and savard gets it to wideman, who sends it on net from the point. Cam Ward gets a rebound. Lucic gets a rebound. Cam Ward doesn't get that one.

1-0. Since Carolina is the other team in the NHL that uses a Ric Flair WOOO, you're hoping they play it. They don't. Still, scoring first has been a good omen so far.

Thomas makes some ridiculous saves for the rest of the first, and Ward continues to play like a man possessed. They're both excellent goalies. The canes get a bunch of chances, the bruins get some too. The hurricanes end up nearly doubling the shots on goal of Boston.

Second Period.
During the end of the second period, the Hurricanes get a powerplay goal and about a minute later get another one. Eric Staal goal, too. They don't lose when he scores so far.
1-2. Crap.

Third Period.
The bruins are looking pretty tired at this point. Not overly tired, just tired. The hurricanes are buzzing. Luckily, the Bruins are still good and Old Man Recchi still knows how to crash the net. Montador sends it in, it gets blocked. Kobasew picks it up and sends it in to the net. Special delivery for Mark Recchi's leg. It bounces off and behind Cam Ward. The players on the ice look as surprised as I was.
2-2. We can't be relying on fluke goals, but with 10 minutes to go in this game, boy howdy will we take them.

Angry that Finland was eliminated by the USA team earlier that day in the IIHF tournament, Jussi Jokinen puts one behind Thomas.



This is still a 7-game series. The Bruins, despite looking tired, played the hurricanes pretty closely in what anyone from Raleigh will tell you is the loudest building in the league. (They could be right, it's pretty loud.)

Carolina now leads the series, 2-1. If the Bruins manage to split this trip and win on friday, then it's a brand new three-game series and the Bruins are going home-away-home.

the 2 man advantage breaks it down pretty well:
"It's like falling in love with the girl of your dreams then finding out that she once spent a weekend with Lenny Kravitz. I don't even recognize this Bruins team right now. They kinda look like my favorite team that controlled the tempo and played disciplined hockey but they just smell like incense, sweat and sing ridiculous lyrics like "We've got to stand up if we're gonna be free YEAH"

The Herald is reporting that Ference is unlikely for game 4, but this is from the folks that ran the "Pats taped pre-superbowl practice" and then ran the "sorry" one as the next season began. Just a shit paper. Sorry, Sarah. If the Globe goes down it will be a tragedy.

If he IS out, Johnny Boychuk scored the game-winner for Providence. He's a defenceman. hmmm.....

Either way, y'all should come down to the Joshua Tree in Davis Square (on the red line) to watch the game Friday. We'll have prizes!

Where? Joshua Tree (Somerville, MA)
When? Friday, May 8, 2009
What time? 6:30 - 11pm



Sheriff25 said...

They need to get some goals and tighten up the D. The goal in OT was bullshit. I bet Hnidy will play, which is good, because he plays well with Stuart.
BIG game on friday.

ScottJaredZimmerman said...

Looking forward to Friday. Taking your advice and not panicking.

Sheriff25 said...

No reason to panic. Shitty game. Chalk it up, learn from it, and drive the fuck on.

word verif: dised. "Upon returning to the bench after taking a STUPID FUCKING PENALTY, Ryder was dised by Claude for being a ginger daywalker."