Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Bringing it back to Boston on Thursday, the Bruins managed to...mmm....dominate the hurricanes early and then hold on for the win.


Huge first period. Huge game. Let's look back at some fond memories...

First Period.
This game had barely gotten started when the Hurricanes are in the Bruins zone. The bruins take it away along the board and Aaron ward passes it to Bergeron. Bergeron sets his sights on the net on the other end and takes off. He skates past about 200 hurricanes and ends up on a 2-on-2 rush with Recchi. He lets Babchuk slide between them and into his own goalie before dishing it precisely to Recchi, who taps it into the gaping open net with enough time before the Canes players dislodge it.
Pending review...
1-0. Hey, didn't Recchi score the first one last game, too? He's pretty good.
Recchi at that point had 50 playoff goals in 150 playoff games with 5 different teams, including (of course) the two on the ice in this game.

There's barely any time after that and the Bruins are moving it in the offensive zone. Ryder gets it down low, passes to Krejci who one-touch redirects the pass perfectly over to Montador. Montador slaps the shit out of it and Cam Ward has no answer for this one.
2-0. Montador? OLE! He's also definitely stepped up his game defensively. Now there's nobody on the bruins who I would consider "bad." It's a wonderful problem to have.

Carolina ends up equalizing the shots on goal, but doesn't manage to put one past Thomas in the first period.

As my dad likes to say, "Win the first."

Second Period.
Pretty early on, Matt Cullen rushes up and scores when Thomas misses a pokecheck.
2-1. You can see Thomas get mad at that.

Then about 5 minutes later, the Bruins are working it along the boards. It's the wonderful Kessel-Savard-Lucic line out there and the end up with possession. Savard works it free and passes it off the board past some cane onto Lucic's stick at the point. Now, the key to a player like Lucic is that everybody on the other team probably remembers him from that time they got hit really hard. Three different guys try to take him down as he skates from the point to the far side of the net. "Wait - what's that in the bushes? I thought I heard a sound....nah, must be nothing. Why's Lucic passing to empty spa-"
3-1. Marc Savard is usually the guy dishing, but in this case he seemed pretty happy to score that goal. Seriously, listen for the screech in the video as he tries to find a bruins fan in the stands before celebrating with the team. Shouldn't have a whole lot of a tough time on Thursday.

This is what Cam Ward looked like after the goal: Serious stinkeye.

9 minutes later or so, we're getting it all together. The Recchi-Bergeron-Kobasew line is out there and they're pretty good on the whole. Recchi shoots but it's tipped over the goal. Bergeron picks it up and skates over to the side of the net. Kobasew has seen this and skated over to the other side of the net. Bergeron-Kobasew-Net.
4-1. KOBASEWNED! This is looking pretty good so far, and the NESN broadcasters are nice enough to let us know the Bruins are 6-0 (7-0 now) this postseason when scoring 4+ goals. That's all of the games.

Third Period.
This is where the jitters come back. You were watching when Carolina scored two to try to convince brodeur to retire early. You saw those 2 goals. You know this one isn't over until it's over. Buckle up.

First of all, Savard gets leg-checked and plays one test shift and then heads to the locker room. This is not good news at all. So far the Canes have taken down Chara and Savard and sucker-punched Ward. Tip for Carolina: Don't fuck with Phil Kessel. He beat cancer, he can beat swine flu.

4-2. Stuart drops him right after the goal. He didn't know it had gone in, just playing the body.

Bruins hold on for the rest of the game. With 2 minutes left, Cam Ward leaves the net and the Canes spend a lot of time trying to get something going in the offensive zone. The Bruins keep getting it out.


Despite Jack Edwards saying "Miracle" twice, the Bruins



One Game.

This ain't a series anymore. If you want to read how the bruins have already won game 7, go read Canes Country. If you're a hockey fan, you know that this is far from over. Nobody's already won anything yet. So get yourself a ticket and I'll see you at the game.

Julien already said Savard would be ready for Game 7.