Monday, May 11, 2009



That's more like it! The bruins decided to wake up and play some hockey all of a sudden. Their backs are still against the wall but they're looking feisty and ready to battle.

Aaron Ward's orbital bone might be broken. That walker joke should get broken too.

Jussi Jokinen is now officially a dirty word in Boston.

Now lets see how those goals got scored.

First Period.
Check out this hit by Lucic on Seidenberg. Seriously: Lucic Hit on Seidenberg. The whole garden watched him move in like a predator of some type...da-dum...da-dum...da-dum-da-dum-da-dum...BOOM! AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!

Bruins get on the powerplay late in the period (and early, etc...carolina is really taking penalties like crazy here). Faceoff, puck gets back to Chara. he wrists one in from the point, Recchi bats it down, it goes 5-hole on Cam Ward.

1-0. Hey, that Recchi guy is pretty good. I bet Carolina wishes they had a guy like that...suckers.

Then there's this line we have. It's pretty good, we like to call it the top line. Marc Savard, Phil may have heard of these guys. One is a brilliant passer, the other a sniper. They make a dynamic duo not unlike Spock and Kirk (p.s. see the new star trek). Anyhow, Savard has it on one side of the offensive zone. Kessel is on the other side. Their eyes meet across the ice and it's like a match made in heaven. The angels sing, and it distracts carolina (the traffic in front helps too) long enough for Kessel's shot to bounce right in.
2-0. Hey, that Kessel guy is pretty good too. I'm glad he's around.

Second Period.
Staal goes to hit Chara. I love it when they do that. Here's what happens right after Staal bounces off like one of the kids in that south park episode:

You'll have to pardon the embed, but this is important. Link here.
3-0. It's truly one of the best turns of events this whole series. Staal gets mangled, and we score. Beautiful.

Third Period.
So at this point Jussi's already slashed the crap out of Chara's ankle and he's come back. Bergeron and Ryder go into the zone and bergeron-ryder-cam ward's pad. HUGE rebound, bigger-than-chara-big, and while the camera is adjusting for it Lucic comes in and slaps it home.
4-0. Other teams hate Lucic. They hate to see him score, they hate to see him hit, they hate to see him get our crowd pumped up. For that alone he is useful. I dig his scoring, too.

Walker punches Ward in the face and gets one of the only one-sided fighting majors I've ever seen. Ward's orbital bone may be broken.

Let me tell you a little bit about my hometown...

Bruins still trail the series,

We'll see 'em again on Tuesday. This ain't over yet.


TravBot said...

At the first intermission, they looked closer at replays of Recchi's goal and were saying it looked like it actually only hit a Cane on the way by, not Old Man Mark. I'd double-check box scores or something, to see if they changed it postgame. Just saying.

Also, Chara wrecked a lot more than just staal, and about half of his huge hits were him standing there and other people trying to hit him. It was brilliant.

ScottJaredZimmerman said...

Bergeron had a shift in the 2nd period where his forechecking looked like the Battle of Midway. He was tossing Canes until LaRose or some other clown got a penalty for facewashing him in the crease. I need to see more of that.

Unknown said...

Bergeron is an absolute beast of a physical player, and I'm loving every minute of it.

Eric J. Burton said...

Hey Cornelius since your closer to Boston any word on if Ward has a broken orbital bone?

Today on XM 204 (NHL HOME ICE) The hosts were kind of poo pooing Ward injury tyring to say that it wasn't as serious as Julien was leading on. I didn't catch who it was but he said that Ward was seen an hour or two hours after last night's game with his family at the arena and not in the hospitial.

Unknown said...

By now we know Ward is probable for game 6, and doesn't have a broken face.

Eric J. Burton said...

Thats good news on the broken face.
I want to see Walker get his now. Walker is lucky the Ref stopped Lucic.

Tom said...

The Lucic hit has Carolina fans all up in arms. I don't see anything even borderline-dirty about it, just a straight-up monster hit. But it was a turning point in this series... when the Bruins move their feet and initiate the physical play, Carolina shrinks back.