Sunday, January 11, 2009


That's more like it.  What a wonderful game.  Let's remember:

7:45 in, Bruins on a Powerplay, they pass from their own slot to wheeler on the far blue line.  Gotta love that two-line pass.  Wheeler moves in, passes to Krejci, who backhands it over Conn Smythe Winner Cam Ward's shoulder.

1-0.  Krejci, Krejci, Krejci.  Whatta Czech.

3 minutes to go, faceoff by CSWCW's net.  Bruins move it around a bit, Yelle tips it past CSWCW.

2-0.  This is the gamewinner.  More to come in the game.

Second Period.
Byron Bitz drives into the zone, waves to his folks, then passes to Joni Pitkanen, who passes back to Mark Stuart, who puts it just exactly on the right angle and buries it in the far edge of the net.

3-0.  First NHL point in his first NHL game for Byron Bitz!

doot doot doot do  do doo doo dooooo do do do do doo do-do doo0000000
Goalie Change!

7 minutes in, and it's the same old story.  Bruins pass it around the zone, Michael Ryder scores on the second goalie we've seen tonight.

4-0.  You're filling out the comments card at the Boston Beer Works next to the garden to call their "Black Rider" beer "Black Ryder"

4 minutes left in the second.  Wheeler gets it on the blue line.  He skates in, passes to Ryder, who bounces it off CAR G #49.  Krejci is a ninja, so of course he comes out of nowhere and then all of a sudden, Ryder has the puck and CAR G #49 is looking at Krejci to shoot.

5-0.  Wow.  This is starting to get embarassing.

And then Hunwick lays the hit on Williams, and of course CLEAN HIT MEANS YOU MUST FIGHT ARGH THIS IS THE NEW NHL GRAH.  I don't see a whole lot of intent to injure, but Justin Williams did:
Luckily, Matt Hunwick learns from the Zdeno Chara school of one-punch fights.

Justin Williams gets the last laugh, though, when he scores a super-soft deflection goal as the only score in the third.

Oh wait, the bruins really get the last laugh.



Lucic gets the last laugh for going to the youngstars game over krejci.  This is so unimaginably pathetic that I might actually be able to stay away from the game.  What channel is the KHL on?

vs. CAR: 3-0
Record: 31-7-4
L10: 8-2-0
Home: 16-3-1
Jan: 3-2-0