Monday, January 12, 2009

Everybody hurts sometimes

As if enough of the team wasn't hurt yet this year, looks like Manny isn't feeling well.  The Bruins have called up P-Bruins backup goalie Kevin Regan to backup Thomas.  Tukka Rask is back in providence after being the backup yesterday.

Kevin Paul Dupont of likens the Bruins injury reports to the KGB.

Luckily, the this week's P-Bruins game is @Lowell, then one at home and then one @Hartford.  So they can juggle lines across two teams if they want to all week long.

When Patrice Bergeron says he'll be back this year, I'm a fan of that.  But I do think he'll be out at least until February, if not beyond.  Losing Sturm is a huge blow, though.

Is a trade in the works?  Is the flu going around?  The bruins are starting to get hit pretty bad by the injury bug.  With the Habs tomorrow, this isn't exactly ideal.

The Red wings are looking to top the Bruins for longest winning streak this year pretty soon - they've got 6 in a row right now.

At halfway through the season, there are a lot of injuries but a lot of plusses, as well.  The Bruins schedule isn't going to get any easier (far fewer games against southeast teams, etc) and with the injuries plaguing the team, I wouldn't be surprised if the Bruins come back down to earth a bit, so to speak.

I'd like to say again that I liked seeing Byron Bitz play with the big club.  Thornton-St. Pierre-Bitz is an acceptable 4th line.

I'm glad the Bruins aren't in the same situation as the Wild right now.  Same with the St. Louis Blues, who could set a record for most GP lost to injury this season.  Oh, and it looks like Rick Nash is on Injured reserve for Columbus.  Luckily, they've got this Steve Mason goalie who is so on fire he's melting the ice around the net.

Interesting stuff from the hockey nerds at Objective NHL about how the bruins will have to come back to earth.  It's coming, folks, get ready.

I was a bit miffed at how quickly the Garden empties out when the Bruins lose a game (or two in a row!).  The Bruins have a ton of bandwagon fans right now, and I'm starting to understand why people don't like bandwagon fans.  Even so, I like talking about hockey and it's always good to see people excited about it.

Oh, and on top of all of that, some guy on the internet is saying that Tim Thomas's contract negotiations are starting to go sour.  If true, I blame his agent.