Friday, January 9, 2009


Well, that was interesting. The Senators were playing a desperate, chippy, hungry, whatever game. It looked pretty bleak there for a minute. The Senators winning in Boston would be huge for them. But look at their third jerseys. They reversed the "N" and "E."

Crappy SENS/SNES jokes aside, here's how it all went down.

Early on in the game, like in the first few minutes, Boston owned the puck. They moved it around a bunch, Sens would dump and change, and then boston would bring it in again. The Bruins weren't doing a whole lot of "skate in and shoot" so much as "skate in and set up an offense for 2 minutes." During one of those, they're moving it all over the place. Krejci makes a pretty outlet pass to Old Man Ward, who is all alone. The clock strikes noon. Ward draws before Gerber. Slapshot from the point, no deflection. GOAL.

1-0. Ward's first goal of the season, at least he scored in the first half. He was super-excited about it.

Then one of the Sens slips on the ice with no one around him (right in front of where Lucic broke the glass) and gives up the puck. Wideman, Kobasew, Kessel, and one more bruin I can't pick out move down the ice. Kessel-Wideman-Kobasew-Gerber-Post-GOAL.

2-0. It looks half-sketchy, but the puck was over the line before Kobasew fell on Gerber.

10 minutes later, there was some sort of issue 3 rows back, and when you turn around it looks like Manny got scored on.
2-1. Later the announcer tells you Chris Phillips scored it.

Second Period.
Wheeler gets it at the other blue line, but hits post. But he taps it behind gerber to Ryder who sweeps it in.

3-1. You're wondering if you're going to get to see Auld play in Boston again.

A Minute later, Manny stops a 2-on-0, but Chara decides to play Hog Pile on the Goalie and Kelly puts it on the top shelf.
3-2. You're arguing that garbage goals count just as much as pretty ones.

4 minutes later, something just terrible happens. The Senators tie it up.
3-3. You don't want to talk about it.

after the second, they're tied. Julien talks to his team.

Third Period.
The first ten minutes, everything's starting to look bad. But then the clouds roll away, and a gleaming beam of light descends onto the ice...Oh wait, that's just Krejci. He steals the puck off of Alfredsson's stick and has no one except Gerber to beat. Gerber lets it through, but it hits the post. "No matter," says Krejci, "I'll just hit it out of the air on the other side of the goalie." Yes, that's right. Krejci only had one person to beat, so he did it twice.

4-3. You're wondering if someone laced your drink, that was so beautiful.

About 4 minutes later, the bruins dump it in. The senators give it to Savard, who proves he can still score. Bonus: Kessel pushing a defenseman out of the way to give Savard the far side shot.

5-3. Ah yes, it's all coming back to me now.

Ottawa pulls the goalie on a faceoff in the offensive zone. Manny makes a save, Savard grabs it, get both d on him and makes the outlet pass to Axelsson. Axelsson puts it in.

6-3. And that's the end of the ga-


With 20 seconds to go, Manny is caught a little out of position, lets in a 4th goal.
6-4. "Surprised" is one way of putting it.


Usually after a win, the Bs all come out to congratulate the goalie. This time he's getting to the locker room as soon as he can.

The last time the Bruins won 30 games this quick, it was 1930.

vs. OTT: 2-0
Record: 30-7-4 (W1)
Home: 15-3-1 (W1)
L10: 8-2-0
December: 2-2-0