Sunday, September 7, 2008

Milan Lucic, Beast. Tom Brady, Injured. Bobby Orr, Joke?

First of all, from elsewhere in New England, fuck fuck fuck.

And back to hockey: I was over at HFBoards today, and I go pointed at a hilarious website:, which has gems like this:

We at NoMoreOrr believe that Bobby Orr is highly overrated and receives far too much praise for his "accomplishments". Our belief is that there are far more deserving players from modern hockey who deserve the spot in the Hall of Fame currently filled by Bobby Orr and our goal is to free up that spot for a more deserving candidate. Bobby Orr's talent level was nothing compared to that of today's players and quite frankly, we're tired of hearing about him.
It must be a farce. I take it about as seriously as

Looks like the Bruins have gotten their own putter. Happy Gilmore would love it.

It seems that nobody including TSN can do a preview of the Bruins without mentioning that the rest of the teams in boston that are doing things like making it past the first round of the playoffs...I personally can't wait until I'm going to Bs games in May, though I'm not sure if that'll be .

TSN also says that Milan Lucic is the face of the franchise going forward. I like the guy, definitely, and hope he continues to grow in the direction he's going. I'm just not sure he's face-of-the-franchise just yet. He was 11th on the team in goals with 8 (the 11th-highest goalscorer had 8 goals? We should score more) 7th in assists with 19, for 10th in points with 27. Then again, he's only behind Zdeno Chara in PIM, with 89. Also, he's been known to make som clutch plays. People say he's the second coming of Cam Neely, and I hope they're right. Oh, those boys from Vancouver, what will they do next?

Well, I think Joe Pelletier is from around there, and he's trying to stir up some controversy with his Two Goalies, One Net post.

Well, that about wraps it up for my rambling. See y'all tomorrow!