Thursday, September 4, 2008

Games without slaughtered animals and other KHL innovations (brought to you by Google Language Tools)

So, the KHL english site doesn't exist yet or the link is broken, which means that we all get to use Google Language tools  to follow our favorite teams (or just for the joy of looking at stat sheets, whatever floats your boat.)

Anyhow, the stat sheet has some interesting Statistics in it, such as:

  • Winnings in Poslematchevyh Bullets 
  • Loss of Bullets Poslematchevyh
I assume those two are shootout wins and losses.  However, with the Russian police the way they have been recently, it could be something else.  The real winners, though, are these guys:
  • Games without slaughtered animals
  • Games without missing head
I believe those are for and against, but I really want to believe that they are in fact actual statistics translated properly.  PETA will be in touch.  Perhaps Tuvanhillbilly or Alex Ovejtkin blog can tell me for real.  Then there are the other funny translations:
  • Zabitov Goals
  • Ignored Goals

The situations include "in unequal convoys," which is easy enough to figure out, but I imagine involves one team having a better traveling bus than another.

Also, it looks like their point system is:
3 points regulation win
2 points overtime win
1 point overtime loss
0 points regulation loss

I can't wait until there's a real english site so I can actually start looking into this stuff rather than making fun of the automatic translator.  Or for the NHL season to begin.  Whichever comes first.