Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Happy September!

Well, I've finally got internet in my place, and I am ready to start doing some blogging....once I get everything set up. The big news right now is that the Bruins just picked up Stephane Yelle, who helped Ray Bourque win the cup and then was traded the next year to Calgary. Some other fun things about Mr. Yelle:

  • Mile High Hockey thinks he was the 15th best Av of all time.
  • THN said he was the 9th best player still looking for a team as of right before he got signed. Actually, hmmm... that was posted at 3pm, and the news broke at.... 3:41pm. Rats, I was hoping the thing posted late.
  • Puck Daddy's season preview may be a little off now, with this signing. It's still a good read, with yet another dig at Tukka Rask's name. Well, Tuskan Raider is closer than Caveman.
  • I'm wondering if he'll be back in #26 like he was with the avs, as the other two he's worn (11 and 7 with the Flames) are taken, by what number he'll wear, since 7 is retired, and P.J.'s got #11. Probably, or maybe he'll go with a whole new one. It won't take long to find out.
I'm excited that Hockey Season is coming! My new apartment has NHL Network...between that and NHL 09, I may never leave my house again.