Thursday, September 11, 2008

Report on State of the Bruins

Well, State of the Bruins is over, Lucic showed off the third jersey and it looks a heck of a lot like the one they showed off last year. Also, I learned that people who write about the Bruins as a job generally will beat me to the punch on anything like this. So you can read Fluto's and Bish's reports. Some things to add:

  • Julien mentioned that if Ryder didn't pick up, he'd just have to remind him "of a bag skate I had him do when he was 17. I don't think he wants to do that again."
  • Phil Kessel is talent, everybody knows that. Julien said he "can't let him off the hook."
  • There were a couple of reasonable requests from fans, like "If you're not going to make new program books for every game, can you give season-ticket-holders free roster printouts?" The money quote was "I already have 3 or 4 of these books at home." Personally, I print those out for free myself, but if the Bruins could do it for me, that would be great too. I went to a Minnesota Wild game last season and the program was specific to that game, with full-color pictures throughout and stuff on the wild and on the other team. They also had a custom game intro for a game in December against the Oilers. It was a sick game.
  • Charlie Jacobs said that one of the reasons that Game 6 last year was so huge was that the building was rocking. Cam Neely compared it to the old Garden. Guys, you should really look into student rush instead of student nights. There are a ton of Boston fans that would really enjoy going to Bruins games, but can't afford it. Look into Pittsburgh's student rush program.
  • There was talk of bringing back Bruins Alumni, similar to what happened in Chicago last year. Neely mentioned that there were a lot of bruins alumni in the boston area, that he'd like to bring back. Now they just have to stop hating the team. Charlie, you should get together with Rocky Wirtz and learn a thing or million.
I'm also starting to learn about just how much people hate Jeremy Jacobs. Few people clapped for him at the event, and the internet is full of anti-Jacobs stuff. Just check out his wikipedia page. I didn't realize he bought the team so long ago. Ah well, it's a learning opportunity.

As is this post. I had great plans for it (I took ten pages of notes at the event and took pictures) but I'm suffering PensBlogitis. Already. Without their dedicated readership and insanity. Oh well, they always say the second issue is the hardest.