Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fake NHL Re-Draft UPDATE!

So I've been drafting away over at the Cycle Like the Sedins Fake NHL Re-Draft, and I'm sure I've been doing a middling job, but here's the team as it looks now. I keep end up picking defensemen for some reason, but there we are. Here's the team as it stands now:

Smyth, Ryan - Thornton, Joe - Martin Havlat

Dennis Wideman Oduya, Johnny
Jackman, Barrett Hunwick, Matt

Nabokov, Evgeni

Bruins have the 25th pick in a serpentine draft. I haven't been doing any trading. Here's the picks board. I'm open to suggestions.

Even if it's a fake lineup


Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

Love the Wideman pick. He is tremendous.

Joe Pelletier said...

for the last pick of the draft you should take a third goalie - make it Kim St. Pierre