Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hockey Movie Month: Slap Shot (1977)

Well of course I'm going to start with this.

If you haven't seen this movie, go get it now. Rent it, stream it, whatever. Just watch it.

Hilarious flick with a killer soundtrack and Paul Newman as Reggie Dunlop.

One of my favorite lines in all of film, as well:
"Is the answer Jesus?"

For those that have watched, what's your favorite line?



* said...

Love that movie!!

"You do that, you go to the box, you know. Two minutes, by yourself, you know and you feel shame, you know. And then you get free."

Caps said...

"all the time puke."
"you're a goalie, you're supposed to be like that."

great flick
can't wait for you to do MIGHTY DUCKS you gotta mention the Oreo line.