Friday, August 28, 2009

A few matters of business:

This video gets the high score for most hilarious video I've seen today:

Warning: don't watch it where people won't appreciate laughing hysterically to "I will always love you."

Second order of business: I need an assistant GM (or a replacement GM, but do you really want to take the heat for my previous picks? I didn't think so) for the Cycle Like the Sedins re-draft. We're at the 10th of 11th round now, Boston picks 25th and its serpentine.

If you'd like in, please email me or reply in the comments.


sleza said...

best comedy ever ;)

Tom said...

That was hysterical.

I suggest drafting Theo Fleury in the 11th... just in case...

Eric J. Burton said...
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