Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bruins 4 Sabres 2 Refs 0 THE SECOND ROUND AGAIN???

First off let me just say that this team has been all over the place this year so I've been expecting the worst since about mid-season. The worst keeps threatening to come close but the team's still alive so I'm pleased. I'm sure the rest of you are too. Well, unless you're this guy:(seriously, buffalo?)
The reasons the Bruins beat the Sabres weren't that complicated. Our superstar goalie was a smidge better than their superstar goalie. Our PK owned the shit out of their PP. 100% PK effectiveness.

Huge job by the guys playing PK minutes. Who are those guys? Here's your first line, by SHM/G:
On defense: Johnny Boychuk (2:53) and Zdeno "Oh Captain my Captain" Chara (2:52). 4 seconds difference in total SHTOI for the series which is near-negligable. They were rocks and it showed.
Hunwick and Wideman pulled down the next-biggest amount of PK time with 2:29 and 2:21, and Paille and Begin ended up with the most minutes for forwards. Neither scored a goal (Paille had one assist) but they did a great job with the PK. So, of course, did

Who stole a couple games for the low-scoring Bruins. The test now, of course, is whether they can continue to get some timely goals or Buffalo was just that bad. I mean, it's possible that the hitting did wear down Buffalo, especially when it took Vanek out for 3.5 games. Look, the Bruins were so used to hitting that they even took down Krejci post-goal:So there's that. Then of course there's the storyline of former player vs old team. Sometimes that works out (Rask vs Toronto) sometimes it doesn't (Kessel vs. far) and sometimes you just gotta go running with the devil. Hail Satan. he scored 2 GWG this series, both of them huge:Tyler Myer's long legs make for a giant 5-hole.
Series-winning snipe? Sure thing!

Basically I envision all Buffalo fans look like this:
All of the time. At work (if they're lucky enough to still have a job), at a game, at...wherever else there is in Buffalo. I guess it's probably warm enough out there for golf, and as some kind-hearted Sabres fan was quick to point out in game one,

Montreal plays in Washington tonight for game 7. Habs win and Philly comes to us. Washington wins and we play at Pittsburgh.I know which matchup I like better but goddamn do I hate Montreal.

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Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

Congrats, and good luck in the next round.

Also: with every passing day, I hate Tuukka Rask that much more.