Thursday, January 21, 2010

Game 49 Preview: Bruins vs. BlueJackets BURN THE FLAG

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(Yes, really)
Game 49
7:00 PM Jan 21st, 2010
98.5 FM, NESN(HD)
vs. Colombus Blue Jackets (19-24-9)

Silly mascots aside, the Blue Jackets are 14th in the west with 47 points, and only 4 points ahead of Toronto. Yeah, they're not that great. The FLYERS beat them. Oh well, here's some links:
  • New Blog Beantown Athletic Supporters has been writing like crazy. Pretty good stuff. Check it out.
  • Georges Laraque was told to stay home by Montreal and that he'd be bought out at the end of the season. Not a huge loss for the Habs or the NHL, which is why it's annoying.
  • If you didn't see the Zdeno Chara poem yesterday, go back and read it.
  • Pretty much everyone in Carolina is on the trading block, but Aaron Ward's contract is way too big for us to get him. Sorry, guys.
  • "Dr. Recchi Prescribes Ugly Hockey" - I can't make this up.
Anyhow, I'm not expecting all that great of things but who knows? Maybe Tuukka will stand up to Nash and friends and Steve Mason will continue to pull his best Raycroft impression. I have hope, except these are the lines for tonight, from Bruins Blog:
Daniel Paille
Patrice Bergeron
Mark Recchi
Milan Lucic
David Krejci
Blake Wheeler
Miroslav Satan
Trent Whitfield
Michael Ryder
Shawn Thornton
Vladimir Sobotka
Drew Larman
Actually, that top line is pretty nice. Paille has great wheels, Bergeron would be in discussion for Hart if he didn't get hurt, and Recchi is the oldest working Dinosaur in sports. What I'm saying is that's a great effort line, though I don't know if Recchi or Bergeron will be taking faceoffs. I'm hoping Bergeron is back to 100% and all, because Recchi isn't exactly elite at faceoffs.

Oh look, time for some stats:
Well, I guess they are worse than us in some ways. Higher GP and lower Points percentage. There's hope, y'all.