Thursday, January 7, 2010

Game 43 Preview: Bruins vs. Blackhawks RECCHI COULD PASS STAN MIKITA

Game 43
7pm, January 7, 2010
NESN, 98.5 FM
vs. Chicago Blackhawks (million-negative 5-0)

Ok, so the hawks don't actually have -5 losses, their record is really 30-10-3, which is good enough to be top of the West right now. And the West is a better conference than the East this year. Much better. On top of that the Blackhawks are the next-best PK in the league right now, after the Bruins. Oh and their PP is 6th in the league, not 17th. Yeah, I'm not expecting great things tonight either.

However, Tim Thomas has won 5 out of his last 6 games, and the one loss came when he allowed 2 goals against Tampa Bay. 2. That's not a lot, considering that the goalie they

However, there's always hope. Hell yeah. The Bruins could win this. Mark Recchi is currently tied with Stan Mikita at 13th for all-time points leader, and he could break it against his old team. Hell, Mark Recchi was probably playing at the same time as Mikita.

Game threads at Stanley Cup of Chowder and Second City Hockey. And fan tweetup for those attending the game behind section 308 during 1st intermission!

Here's a touching story about a Chicago fan. Did you sign YOUR organ donor card?



k of c said...

So, did I meet you at the tweetup? This is the second one of these I've done (first in Chicago) where no one has actually introduced anyone to anyone.

I was in the oversized Hawks jersey borrowed from my friend, who was there wearing his Keith jersey. I eventually took it off to reveal my Keith shirt underneath. I'm sure we were real popular in that crowd...

Bruins are my fave Eastern team and sometimes I mention them more on my blog than the Hawks, so I didn't like seeing them playing/losing that badly...

Eric J. Burton said...

I can't believe that Recchi is my age and still getting it done.

Greg Nation said...

Savard is on pace to reach half the number of shots on goal that he has in the last four or so seasons. He needs to get angry and stay hungry.

Unknown said...

@kofc: Yeah, I had on the winter classic jersey, and the beard.