Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Game 42: Bruins @ Senators: Shit, Bergeron's Out for a couple weeks at least.

Patrice Bergeron will be out 2-6 weeks as described by ESPN and, according to Darren Dreger, 3 weeks. He's apparently got a broken thumb. So...Hmm. Before the Olympic break, after Lucic is back, and probably right around when we drop out of 8th in the standings.

It's OK, though, since MIROSLAV SATAN will be rocking #81 tonight. This is picture-perfect, folks. SATAN #81. You couldn't write a better script. (Shut up, devils fans, he's ours).

This is your game preview. Both squads are banged up, which is pretty shitty but hopefully Thomas will play better than whatever jerk the Senators trot out tonight.


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sleza said...

Oooh, Satan is awesome. Slovak Olympic team goodies FTW :P