Monday, July 27, 2009

P.K. Axelsson OFFICIALLY signs with Frolunda HC for the next 4 years

According to a google translation of the official site of the Frolunda HC team, P.K. Axelsson signed with them for 4 years, signaling the end of his NHL Career.

Frölunda Hockey Club and forward Per-Johan "Pebben" Axelsson has signed a contract for four seasons.

It is now clearly with team captain for the forthcoming season.

"Pebben" returning to Frölunda after 11 seasons in the NHL where he played 797 matches (103 +184 = 287), the Boston Bruins since the season 1997/1998.

He has previously played five seasons and 184 games in Elitserien with Frölunda. Last, he became Swedish champion with Frölunda in lockutsäsongen 2004/2005.

#11 ”Pebben” Axelsson: # 11 "Pebben" Axelsson:
-Frölunda club is in my heart. I always wanted to come back here. Now fit it well and I look forward to see nice things again with the team. Saw that Joel Lundqvist was talking about winning SM-gold. It sounded good.

-The atmosphere in the Scandinavium is certainly a right uttjatat topic.But I must say that it is one of the things I missed most. Playing in there is good.

-Four years is a fairly long contract, but I is on the other hand, quite young!

I'll miss you, P.J.

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sleza said...

You're saying there might be people who actually follow the Swedish league? I'm stunned... ;)

btw, with my poor english, "uttjatat" is something like "over-discussed"

Unknown said...

There are definitely people who follow it, but now that Per-Johan is there it's actually important.

Anyhow...want to write about it a little? eh? eh? No pressure.

You could call it practicing English....

sleza said...

you haven't notice that i cannot write in english? :)i can translate axelsson (or frölunda) related swedish articles if you want but you'll have to edit it to normal english...

Unknown said...

You write well enough, sleza. I can do some editing.