Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I wonder what the big announcement at fenway is today?
So....On a scale of 1 to Zdeno Chara, how pumped are you?

I'm at about Chara on top of Kilimanjaro right now.

The rest of the schedule comes out at 3pm. Real posts will follow.

Until then, follow @schuylerb on twitter for Fenway updates. He's the NHL Manager of Communications.


Eric J. Burton said...

Any clue how much tickets for that event are going to be? That would a good event to take in. A week later BU and B.C. are going to play in Fenway as well.

Unknown said...

Buy them at retail and they'll be a lot. Buy them in the aftermarket and they will be an arm, a leg, and maybe an eye to boot.

There will also be 2 days of public skating at Fenway. That will be sick.