Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Free Agency Recap: Week 1

Hasn't been a whole lot going on around these parts, but for the few, the proud, the people that get all of their bruins news from here...(Hi, mom!) Here's what's been up with all of that:

Bruins have picked up:
Bitz for 1 year/675k (wooooo! WE WANT BITZ WE WANT BITZ)
Recchi for 1 year/1 million (Solid signing for a solid veteran. Can't wait to see that bald spot grow)
Danny Sabourin (last year's backup in Pittsburgh then Edmonton)
Drew Fata (defenseman who played mostly in the AHL last year)
as reported previously:
Steve Begin, replacing Stephane Yelle

Bruins lost:
Shane Hnidy to Minnesota
Steve Montador to Buffalo.

Development camp is underway, and everyone's wondering who will be this year's Camp star a la David Krejci or Blake Wheeler.

Me? I'm on vacation all this week with very little internet around, so unless TravBot feels like writing something (congratulate him, by the way) this week it will be pretty light around here.

The Bruins are having a golden ticket giveaway at the Garden on Thursday the 16th, free chocolate and a chance to win season tickets. Starts at noon. Check it out, I might be stuck at work.

If you want to go to Ristuccia and watch on-ice parts of development camp, they're open to the public and free. Go check out our boys in black and gold (and assorted prospects that could very well become them)!



Tom said...

What do you think about the Begin signing? I'm down on it, partly because I'm suspicious of his ability to actually replace Yelle, and partly because I would much rather advance Sobotka to the bigs.

Unknown said...

I'm not sure what to think of the Begin signing. Personally, I'm wondering more about the Fata signing than anything else at this point, though.

I see Sobotka getting called up pretty quick if someone's hurt, though.

Minnesota has been bringing the kids up way too early and it's costing them, so I'm not against developing them in the AHL for at least a little while.