Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Logos, Icethethics

So, I'm thinking of doing gameday previews for this upcoming season. I've started to look around for bruins (and other teams) logos. It brought me to a former favorite of mine: Icethetics (formerly NHL Tournament of Logos). If you were reading hockey blogs last offseason, this was certainly one of them. It was the best source for information on the RBK Edge jerseys back then, and they were having a tournament. The Habs logo was selected as the best logo of the NHL, which I disagree with. Then again, I think my red sox "yankees suck" hatred has bled over into "habs suck" hatred, especially after last year. Canadiens fans are for the most part quite nice people, I've found, with the exception being ones that have been attacked by bruins fans. They are really annoying when they're infesting your arena, though. I could go on an on about the habs@bruins experience, and I'm sure I will soon.

They're having a center ice tournament right now of which teams logo with a line through it plus the name of the arena around it is best. Here's the Center Ice Bracket. The Bell Centre and the TD Banknorth Garden are currently squaring off like Shawn Thornton and...Komisarek? Some other hab? I don't know, they're all bad guys anyhow. Regardless, go to Icethetics and vote for the Bruins!

I also was looking through their old stuff, and found the Bruins "Guitar" (Banjo?) picture that has already burnt itself into your brain. It came from a series that someone was trying to do, the first part of which can be found here on the old site. I didn't see much beyond parts one and two, but that may be because they switched sites.