Friday, August 15, 2008

Fuck you, Stoosh (also, happy birthday!)

Howdy, y'all. Apparently, the Pensblog really has Whole lot of time on it's hands. And an alleged happy birthday to their resident motivational days-until-hockey countdown artist, Stoosh.

Well, happy birthday, fucko. Will I see you at the game on October 20th?

UPDATE: I also commented in the PensBlog comments, and this is what Stoosh wrote back:

@ Cornelius -

All in good fun, sir...all in good fun. You had no way of knowing this ahead of time unless you've been here over the last couple of years and heard me mention it, but I count the B's among my top three favorite teams in the NHL.

I should note as well that one of the sites I saw with that same picture made the reference that it WAS a Bruins game, but the game was being played despite a large snowstorm that hit New England, and that was the reason for the small crowd. We've had games here with similar crowds under similar circumstances.

I will say, though, B's attendance has been down a bit the last couple of years, and it's sad to see that team taking a decided back seat to the Patriots and the Sawks (for the record, I hate the Pats but like the Sawks and while I don't follow the NBA anymore, I respect the Celtics).

I agree. All in good fun. I hadn't realized when that picture was from (though if it happens again, I'll definitely remember it).