Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Peter Chiarelli STH Conference Call Recap

I was live-tweeting the conference call Peter Chiarelli had with season ticket holders today, here's what I wrote on twitter:

And here...we...go! Bob Beers: "what's the deal with all the losing?"
Chiarelli points to weak wins to end 7w streak, dip in special teams. "Guys have allowed themselves to drop a bit"
Chiarelli: "We didn't show up" in Toronto. Liked special teams practice on Sunday.
Chiarelli "winning battles applies to every facet of the game, and that includes powerplay"
Seguin getting limited time, is he tough enough? Chiarelli: "Good question. In TOR game, he's on PP half wall. He's done a good job."
Chiarelli says Seguin's been "diligent" with stuff the Bruins give him to work on. "You can't teach his hands."
Chiarelli: cautious about headshot rules, shoulder-to-shoulder hits are what fans want but if it glances up to the chin, is that a headshot?
Keep KABERLE on point and move Chara to goalmouth on powerplay? "Obviously we're struggling with our PP, and we have discussed that." Bruins don't want to lose cannon from the point but if it's not working, well...maybe.
Why not so much Boychuk on powerplay? Chiarelli: We like Johnny. Broke his finger late last year and has been struggling. Looking at options
Thomas having a dip after unreal start. "Guys can't perform like superheroes all year." Tuukka's finding his game. Goaltending can be better
"I feel we're in a good spot right now" with KABERLE re-signing. Hasn't been elite numbers-wise since coming here "but no one has"
Mark Stuart move? Chiarelli: Weren't making compromises by moving Mark Stuart. Still have blueline size.
Scratched players? Chiarelli: Paille gives us speed, can't tell about tonight's lineup.
BAD QUESTION ALERT: Why haven't Bruins won cup yet? Why haven't you made that adjustment yet? Chiarelli: "I want to win a cup as much as anyone."
Hnidy's role? Chiarelli: "Right now? Depth. He'll get some games and we'll see."
Chiarelli: When "we have to win one" is theme of practice, heavy practice. Some new plays on PK, PP. Spending more time on PK in practice.
How will Horton do in playoffs? Chiarelli: "Pretty high expectations" Stepped up game recently, plays hard game. Been happy with Nathan.
Marc Savard? Chiarelli: daily concussion symptoms, no depression. Slow and delicate matter.
Ryder re-signing? Chiarelli: "haven't entered into any extensions talks for anyone at this time."
Blown leads? Chiarelli: We've seen it. Concerning. Hasn't been much of an issue up until recent slump. "Maddening and frustrating."
Recchi getting old? Chiarelli: Can win battles, leads by example. Hope that's the case in playoffs as well. Sure he will.
Shootouts? Chiarelli: some managers want to remove it. "Sometimes difficult to swallow." Fans like it, so it's here to stay.
Bad o-zone entries? Chiarelli: Tried to generate more speed since camp, been pretty good until slump.
Cycle too much outside on PP? Chiarelli: Puck hasn't been getting there [inside] for a shot as much as we like.
Matt Cooke? Chiarelli: He's a repeat offender. "I've seen him do it too many times." Thinks it was a good ruling.
Callers on powerplay more than Bruins. Not rely on Chara blast? Chiarelli: 3 or 4 plays that work for formation. Too much for slot guys to do?
Fatigue? Chiarelli: no excuses, observations. Road trips are tiring, everyone goes on them, and Bruins don't win at home enough.
Montreal game Thurs? Chiarelli: Likely no revenge hit on Chara but expecting a tough game.
Goalies been struggling but they're still really good. New guys "fit in well. Stats haven't stood out."
Montreal in playoffs? Chiarelli: "we're not as fast, but we're bigger" and deeper. Get pucks behind their D and forecheck hard. Winnable.
Good work by @guy3777 who was also live-tweeting the call.
Overall the questions were focused mostly on the powerplay and the recent slump the Bruins have been on. Sorry that's so poorly put together, I don't have time to really write a good recap. Powerplay's sucked, recent 6-7 games have really sucked, Seguin's improving, trying new things on PP, we can definitely beat Montreal in the playoffs. Cam Neely doesn't have his name on the cup yet but he wants it there pretty bad.


ti-cul said...

"Blown leads? Chiarelli: We've seen it. Concerning. Hasn't been much of an issue up until recent slump. "Maddening and frustrating." Also completely forgot about the playoff against the flyers last year.

Unknown said...

On the other hand, do you really expect the GM to say "yeah we lost real bad against philly so we'll probably never win another game ever again"