Tuesday, September 28, 2010

PJ Axelsson suspended 2 games for knätackling

Yes, it's true. PJ "Pebben" Axelsson was suspended today for a knee-on-knee hit on Marcus Paulsson, former Islanders' 5th-round pick...from 2002. The hit is near the end of the video, from Aftonbladet:
Normally I'd get youtube for this sort of thing but it's just not available there. Yet.

If you watch that video above you get to see Pebben hit the guy and then flip out a bit because the guy turned at the last second. PJ was ejected from the game immediately. Frolunda still won but

PJ has of course reached out and apologized for the hit. If you look at it, he's not going for knee-on-knee but he certainly ends up doing it. In the Hockey Expressen article, they say: "Per-Johan Axelsson kommer in bredbent och utdelar en tackling, som till följd av att motspelaren plötsligt vrider sig, träffar olyckligt och orsakar skada." which in non-moonspeak means something along the lines of "Pebben skated in for the hit with a broad stance, and Paulsson suddenly turned, and unfortunately caught his knee"

Here's the picture of the aftermath, you can tell the right leg is a lot bigger than the left:

So, I think we all learned an important lesson. Don't get drafted by the Islanders in the 5th round in 2002.

Thanks to @puckarinen and @sarah_connors for the heads-up.


Doobie said...

Loosely translated it states: "Per-Johan Axelsson is one of the best penalty-killing specialists the Boston Bruins have ever had and the team still misses his presence. Eff the Habs." Hah! But seriously, Google Translate processes it as: "Per - Johan Axelsson will set wide apart and struck a tackle, as a result of the opponent suddenly turns, hits unfortunate and causes damage".

I liked my translation better.

Unknown said...

I'd agree more about the PK specialist leaving hurting the team if the Bruins weren't so damn good on the PK last year.

Doesn't mean I miss him any less. Totally bought an Axelsson jersey during the sale yesterday.