Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Game 58 Preview: Bruins at Buffalo THE OILERS ARE OUT OF THE PLAYOFFS

Game 58
7PM, February 9, 2010
NESN, 98.5 FM
at Buffalo Sabres (32-18-7)

This might be the first time in a long time that the Bruins are playing a team with a better penalty kill and worse powerplay. The Sabres have lost their last 4, but still lead the division. The Bruins won their first game in a while on Sunday, breaking their much-celebrated, almost-record-setting slump.

Rask is in net tonight. I'm assuming he faces Miller.

The Bruins start next season in Prague, playing the Coyotes. Phoenix is a sister city to Prague, so I'm pretty sure they're considered the "home" team. Krejci and Sobotka ought to be happy playing there, and the rest of them probably won't like the jetlag, etc. However it's on a weekend so....ROAD TRIP!

Holy crap, the Bruins' powerplay is in the top half of the league all of a sudden.

Anything is possible.


TravBot said...

Don't forget that Satan and Chara will be on former-home-turf too. Bitter rivals, they. I hope there isn't too much Czechoslovakian drama in the Olympics :ohnoes:

Unknown said...

Eh, not really. Those were two separate countries before they were together.