Saturday, February 6, 2010

Game 56 Preview: Bruins vs. Canucks THIS IS IT

Game 56
1PM February 6, 2010
NESN, 98.5 FM
vs. Vancouver Canucks (34-20-2)

It's early. Here are the basics:

Canucks have the Sedin twins:
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Who play with Alex Burrows:
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Who did this:

With Ryan Kesler:
A Bruins loss today would get that last W out of the last-ten stat for us. Woof. That's really really bad. Like, edmonton-bad. We'd be sellers at the deadline probably, though I'm sure Chiarelli would rather first-round-exit than go for 2 lottery picks. Both are acceptable to me (or will be by the time the draft rolls around) but I'd rather not split the difference and end up with a shit season that isn't quite shitty enough. That's how the Maple Leafs got to where they are today.

RIP Brendan Burke. My heart goes out to both the Burkes as well as everyone else involved in the hockey program at Miami.


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sleza said...

the twins are kinda creepy... i saw today a pic of them where they are like 18 year old. it was hilarious